Movie Review: Up in the Air 4.5 Stars

OK, I’ll admit it.  This movie got a bump in the rating because of Clooney.  He is very well dressed in this film.  He plays a businessman who lives, literally, on the road.  He likes the high style of business class everything from airline seats, to hotel rooms.  His home life does not exist.  When he is not traveling he sublets a room from a friend and keeps minimal items there.  His life goal is to try to get Continental airlines’ highest frequent flyer card and all the perks that come with it.

Enter a real person in all the business class madness.  He meets a nice woman who makes him think about entering into a real life.  A charming costar in Vera Farmiga.  I have not seen her in anything else, but she was good.  Also as a kind of comic co-star, Anna Kendrick plays Clooney’s trainee fantastically.  She is a future star, very good.  4.5*/5*


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