Full Bloom

Here are the Paperwhite narcissis (members of the Daffodil group) in full bloom. This picture was taken on the fifth week after they were brought out into the house. They have been refrigerated in their pot for a few months prior. Paperwhites do not need a cold chilling period, they will grow right away. I just refrigerated them to attempt to time them for a certain date. So now I know that at a chilly and sunny spot they take 5-6 weeks to come into full bloom. My target date was Valentine’s Day but they are a couple weeks early. Next year I will set them out in the house 2 full weeks in to January to try to get the timing right.


Paperwhites Week 4

Fourth week on the Paperwhites. We now have the first little flower. I mistakenly posted this yesterday as week 3 but it is week 4. They were taken out of the refrigerator on December 21, 2012. My goal is to time them to coincide with Valentine’s Day. I think this will always be approximate. The warmth of the house and how much you water them will affect their growth rate.

Paperwhites at 14 days

Paperwhites at 14 days