The Dahlia Show

After the hot days of summer, the dahlias are in their full glory. I did not know the height or color or even the cultivar of most of them when they were planted. They all grew. Some were very huge. The smallest was about 2.5 feet and the tallest (before the wind got at it) was about 6 feet. Here are some very nice flowers to enjoy on todays’ photoblog. These were taken with a Samsung Fascinate phone, so they are slightly overexposed. Enjoy.

Devil du Roi Albert

Anna Mari

Vet's Love

Brookside Cheri






Oh Goodie another Contest!

OK all you blogosphere fans, just what you were waiting for! Infamous is on a journey where plants are weird. This pod was found, so we are looking for an identification of the tree. What kind of plant makes a pod with seeds inside it? Astute readers will immediately guess something in the pea/bean family. This legume is a big tree, though not some little sweet pea, lima bean or soybean sized plant. We are in tropical Florida, so that opens up many possibilities. The first reader to name the plant wins…a free pod of beans. Or nothing whichever is more convenient for me. Bragging rights are always great. So, my little sprouts, NAME THIS PLANT.

Name this member of the legume family

Answer to the question???

Congratulations! We have a Winner

Ginkgo biloba

We have been waiting all month for the

    Ginkgo biloba

tree in the backyard to shed its leaves. We had a contest to see who would guess the closest date. The winner has been contacted and notified that his guess of October 24th was the closest to the actual date of October 29th. Unfortunately, the tree was not quite as synchronous as hoped for due to a violent string of windstorms that tore some leaves off prematurely. If you watch Ginkgos around your town you will see that they lose their leaves all of a sudden within a 1-3 day period. They are well-known for doing this and many a university botany department has these contests. With the contest over, we can once again start to blog about botany and other items.

Another item regarding this post is that it is Infamous’ 100th blog post and a reason to celebrate in itself. I have tried to photograph various items of interest in the botanical world and bring them to the attention of my alert readers. As a goal, I have tried to have 50% of the posts on actual botany and the other 50% on items of interest such as books, movies, strange occurences and recipes. I am pleased that the blog is going well and I hope to do another 100 posts in the next year.

If you have items of interest, pictures, questions about botany or life, please place a comment and the editorial staff and photographer will get right on them. Infamous

A Contest!

These are the fan-shaped leaves of the Gingko tree.

Today we have a very exciting development. We are having our first contest on the blog. The contest is sort of like a baby pool where people guess the date a child will be born, only we will guess the date the Ginkgo in Infamous’ back yard will shed its leaves. In case you did not realize it, the Ginkgo sheds all its leaves in one day. It is the most synchronous shedder I have ever heard of. The tree makes abscission layers at the base of the leaves and for some reason, they seem to all reach the same level of development on the same day. One gentle breeze and Poof! all the leaves are down. So I will start the pool off with my guess that the leaves will fall on October 23. No one else can take that day. Submit your guesses in the comment section. When the day arrives, we shall see who is closest. There will be a special prize of no monetary value awarded. The winner will be announced on this blog. Deadline for your submissions is September 30th so do not delay.