Giant Thing Alert

An alert reader informed me of the existence of a Giant Thing a while ago. I was driving down a highway in Florida at the time. She told me to be on the lookout for the exit with the 13 foot alligator at it. Not knowing if she meant a statue or a live one or what, I had to pull off to see it. Here is what I saw.

13 foot long 'gator in a souvenir shop

Since I take my responsibility as one of the blogosphere’s most astute observers of Giant Things, I am reporting this to you here. I must admit that this is technically not a Giant Thing, just a very large natural sized one of its kind. Never one to quibble with definitions, I submit this item under the category of Giant Things. Enjoy the majesty.

Other disturbing paraphernalia.


Giant Conch

Giant Conch from the Florida Keys

Giant Pumpkin and a Cactus

Giant polka dot pumpkins at Fairchild Botanic garden, FLI wonder how this cactus will look on my blog?

And then we came upon a


I felt like it was a scene from Men in Black.

And Then There Was True Bigness

Just plain BIG

Continuing on a theme.

Further Gigantism

Giant Rhino inexplicably on display in the Florida keys

Sometimes I am appalled. Just appalled.

Giant Things Alert

OK, I know you read this blog for all the first rate sciency topics covered (and my movie reviews).  But enough is enough, time to have a little fun.  Notice this post is categorized as humor today, so go get your science fix from the Martian Chronicles or someone else. 

Infamous has been traveling through the very deep south to get away from cold winter weather.  That has only partially worked. Yesterday, in Key West, it was a moderate 65 degrees.  Sixty five is good and all, but there was no swimming at all.  While not swimming, we drove around and soon I noticed a trend.  Giant things.

 As my readers know, I have a fond spot in my heart for kitchy things people put out to get you to stop and take photos.  I especially like giant things, and well, first I saw this fish.

A very large fish in the Florida Keys

I think this might have been attached to a restaurant.  I did not pay any attention to what this thing was advertising which kind of defeated the point.

Giant Trees


As Infamous travels south, I am noticing that people are naming giant trees.  There must be something in our human nature that is fascinated by them.  We are in awe of these tremendous giants that live many times longer than our lifetimes.  If you want to learn more about big trees, check out this website

Here is a giant Live Oak, in Savannah, GA called the Majestic Oak. 

The Majestic Oak, Savannah, Georgia

This photo is from the website

The tree above is a non-native species called the Mysore Fig.  It is the largest of its kind in the United States.  It was planted by a friend of Thomas Edison’s in Estero, near Fort Myers, Florida.  This guy has his own website where you can read all about it.  Notice the picture of it is GIANT, TOO.  This picture is from the website.  

(If I see any more giant things on this trip,  I will let you know.)  Infamousg.