Congratulations! We have a Winner

Ginkgo biloba

We have been waiting all month for the

    Ginkgo biloba

tree in the backyard to shed its leaves. We had a contest to see who would guess the closest date. The winner has been contacted and notified that his guess of October 24th was the closest to the actual date of October 29th. Unfortunately, the tree was not quite as synchronous as hoped for due to a violent string of windstorms that tore some leaves off prematurely. If you watch Ginkgos around your town you will see that they lose their leaves all of a sudden within a 1-3 day period. They are well-known for doing this and many a university botany department has these contests. With the contest over, we can once again start to blog about botany and other items.

Another item regarding this post is that it is Infamous’ 100th blog post and a reason to celebrate in itself. I have tried to photograph various items of interest in the botanical world and bring them to the attention of my alert readers. As a goal, I have tried to have 50% of the posts on actual botany and the other 50% on items of interest such as books, movies, strange occurences and recipes. I am pleased that the blog is going well and I hope to do another 100 posts in the next year.

If you have items of interest, pictures, questions about botany or life, please place a comment and the editorial staff and photographer will get right on them. Infamous


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