Book Review: The Help 4/5*

If you are ever lucky enough to get a book published, it must be good enough to grab an editor’s attention. I find first published books by an author are invariably excellent. The Help by Kathryn Stockett proves the rule. This is the first book by the author, written loosely about her childhood in Jackson, Mississippi. The book is about a book being written. The protagonist is Skeeter, a young lady, educated at a fine southern University, looking for a job in journalism. She is living in a time and place that has severe black/white rules for separation and behavior. She is both a member of Jackson’s Junior League and someone who can see that the status quo must be left behind as the era of civil rights begins in the Deep South. She starts a secret book of interviews of African-American women who serve the Junior League women as maids and more. She explores the ways these women begin to become more than The Help as they run the homes, raise the children and feed the families they serve.

I really enjoyed this book. The love/hate relationships between the Southern ladies and The Help was done very well. This book is recommended.


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