Book Review: Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest 5/5*

I loved this trilogy. It is a police thriller with compelling character development. It tells a story that is great, makes excellent fodder for screenplays and will be in the movie theaters before you know it. At its core it is a great yarn told by a skillful storyteller. It is best read in series, one after the other with parts one and two of the trilogy, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Girl who Played with Fire. This third book of the trilogy is a tour de force conclusion that was well done and compelling. The only problem I had with it is the storyline is quite complex and at times I felt I had to play catch-up with my list of characters in hand to tell what person the author was talking about. I kind of feel it was my failing not his but other readers may find it unclear.

The series begins with Lisbeth Salander, the perhaps semi-autistic computer hacker genius who is profoundly disrespected by everyone. The first book gives us some semblance of her character and it is chilling. With no people skills but lot of technical skills, she navigates through life as best as she can. She ends up in this book giving all the bad guys their comeuppance and then some. It strikes a chord with readers as something they would like to have the guts to do. If you ever fantasize about round house kicking your boss in the teeth you will enjoy this series. One warning though, I found it necessary to read this book with a list of characters nearby. There are probably 50 names in the book. (This is also a Swedish book and the names are a little hard, not like Bob or Jane.) If you are not into writing things down, it is OK to read it and just have a foggy idea of who is talking because you will remember the main characters. That is the only criticism I have as I truly enjoyed these three books.


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