Peonies Plant of the week

went to a garden and saw this.

I am starting with a web site that has many many questions and answers on Peony culture. Gardeners should find a cure for what ails them there. Meanwhile, here, we shall look at good pictures of Peonies from the University of Michigan’s Peony trial garden in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Oh yes, one more thing….ants have nothing to do with Peony buds opening. The ants just like the sugary sap.

Peonies come in colors from white to deep pink

Peonies are a perennial plant that come in herbaceous and shrubby. All the plants we saw at the garden yesterday were the herbaceous type which die down to the ground each winter.

Single flowers show the yellow center.

Herbaceous peonies are easy to grow in sunny locations.

If your peonies do not bloom, they either are not getting enough sun or are planted too deeply. Hope you enjoy my pictures taken by my husband.


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