Book Review Daemon 3/5 *

Daemon by Daneil Suarez

I wish I knew how cool this book was but I don’t. It has many elements making it a great story. It has a hell of a yarn to tell, exciting characters, lots of suspense and a compelling reason to get to the end and find out what happens. The only thing wrong with it is you have to know a little about computers and networks to appreciate the situation and I know about what an average person knows. In this cyber crime novel, an evil genius tries to take over the world by networking all the computers and making them its minions. It is a pretty good story with lots of characters although some of them seem a little comic book-like with super muscles or brains or insane bravery. I just could not understand much of the story due to techno babble. The author tries a little to have some explanations by having one character explain the computer content to another character but it was still way over my head. I’m not sure if some of this computer stuff is possible or if this is largely a work of fiction. I assume it is a fictitious situation but if it is techno fact, we are in a lot of trouble.

One interesting thing about the story, is that it has made me realize just how many mundane activities are electronic. From garage door openers to swipe key cards, maps on GPS and cellphone apps, all are electronic and vulnerable to the daemon. So much of our lives are no longer based on mechanical tumbler locks, or paper records written by hand. The only thing the Daemon could not control were the simple things like that.

Overall, you will enjoy this book more if you like sci-fi and have some computer knowledge. It was a decent read, but I could not appreciate the more technical aspects.


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