Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo 4.5/5 *

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson was a very enjoyable book.  Larsson does a great job adapting the closed room mystery novel to modern prose.  A CRM is one of those whodunnits where the cast of suspects are somehow isolated.  Agatha Christie usually had them in a spooky manor house during an impenetrable snowstorm or something.  The murderer is always one of those called into the drawing room at the end of the book for the big reveal. 

In this case, the murder was 50 years in the past.  It occurred on an island during an internal when the only bridge to the island was blocked by an accident.  There was no way in and no way out. 

Combine the CRM with a wonderful investigative team and you have a winner.  The girl from the title is one of the investigators and is fantastic psychopathic fun when unleashed on bad guys.  If you are not squeamish about yucky crime scenes, I would recommend this book. But remember, when the girl with the dragon tatoo takes a dislike to you, you should run away.  Fast.  Someday, sometime, somehow you will regret it.  A good read and a movie in theaters now.


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