Book Review: Beekeeper’s Apprentice 3/5 *

A nice easy read, The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie King, starts a series of books about Mary Russell.  We start off with the recently retired Sherlock Holmes who has moved to his English countryhouse.  Holmes continued his scientific interest in all things “detective” plus beekeeping.  His character is supposed to be an eccentric genius.  Many experiments on blood types, finger prints, handwriting analysis, etc. go on at his country home. 

Coincidentally, his neighbor, Mary Russell, is an equally eccentric genius.  Mary,however, is a young girl.  They meet while hiking out on the moors.  The meeting is kind of predictable since this is the whole point of the book.  They strike up a conversation and friendship.  They begin to work on detective cases together with Mary as Holmes’ assistant.  The book is an interesting series of situations, and a fun read.


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