HaHa Google, Google This

The blog service has an automatic feed or something that tells Google keywords from each post.  I have no idea how it works but apparently it is easy to generate traffic on your blog by putting popular words in your post.  For example, last week I was reading one of those organic gardening rags from the home-brew store and just had to write a post about psuedoscience claims on fertilizer.  As we all know, the most bodacious claims are from companies trying to sell products to the increasing number of home marijuana growers.  Some of these people have never grown anything and are easy marks to those who puff their products claiming some super concoction will make more weed. 

Anyway, I wrote a little thing about the junk claims of fertilizers and used the word “marijuana” in the post.  Google must have set me up as a botanist who was writing about marijuana growing because I got an unbelievable number of hits.  So to speak.  So I think to get more readers from now on, I will just put the keywords in the post that Google will link to popular searches.   Take this Google:  Crack, crystal meth recipes, marijuana.  There.  That should get me about a thousand hits by tomorrow.  Heh-Heh.


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