Book review: No One Would Listen

Every once in a while I read a stock market book.  I should stop doing that because they are always depressing.  This book is no exception.  Harry Markopolos has written a depressing thriller, if that makes any sense.  It is depressing to know our Federal regulators are not looking out for our best interests.  It is a thriller, in a way, because you just want to know what happens next.  You KNOW what happens.  Bernie Madoff makes off with all the money and goes to jail.  Jail seems like too nice a place for this weasel. 

The book is a quick easy read.  Not the greatest writing but better than I could do.  He just seems like a guy who has a story to tell and tells it.  He was so frustrated that the regulators of the stock market would not believe him, that he finally feels vindicated.  If you like this sort of thing, it is a good book.


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