Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland 3/5*

Well, I just came home from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which I did not see in 3d.  I think 3D would have added to the experience.  I am going to give this only 3/5 stars due to issues.  I really liked the wild costumes and special effects.  It slightly messed up my enjoyment of the show by making me think about how in the world they did some of these things.  For example, Johnny Depp had big green eyes that seemed to move naturally like regular eyes.  But the eyes were twice as big as other humans in the show.  Very strange.  Anyway, on with the review.

The show was a fairly good adaptation of  Alice in Wonderland by Louis Carroll.  They actually made it a better story by making it a quest storyline.  Alice  sets forth to wield the Vorple sword against the Jabberwocky.  This is more of a plotline than Louis Carroll could come up with.  The real story is a series of drug induced odd occurances to poor Alice.  It has very little point to it.  This script makes a story with a beginning, middle and end to it.  I liked the changes to the original.

I only gave this show a 3 because there was something wrong with the pacing that made my mind wander and not really get into the quest.  The acting was OK, I’m not sure what it was, but it was a little boring in parts.  Also, I think this show is not going to do well commercially.  It is a movie in search of an audience.  The adults will not want to see it because it is perceived as being a children’s story.  But the kids will not want to go because it is basically a dark opium-laced adult dream with quite a bit of violence.   I mostly liked how the filmakers did not sugar coat the story but gave us a grown up mean dragon and scary new beasts at every turn.  It did violate the fantasy genre rule in one place where the Queen of Heart’s minions looked like Cylons with armadillo bodies painted like cards.  Never mix sci-fi with Fantasy; doesn’t work.  Overall a good try and worth seeing for the cool new world down the rabbit hole.  A world not quite as fantastic as Avatar but a really good imaginative one at that.    3*/5*


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