Giant Things Alert

OK, I know you read this blog for all the first rate sciency topics covered (and my movie reviews).  But enough is enough, time to have a little fun.  Notice this post is categorized as humor today, so go get your science fix from the Martian Chronicles or someone else. 

Infamous has been traveling through the very deep south to get away from cold winter weather.  That has only partially worked. Yesterday, in Key West, it was a moderate 65 degrees.  Sixty five is good and all, but there was no swimming at all.  While not swimming, we drove around and soon I noticed a trend.  Giant things.

 As my readers know, I have a fond spot in my heart for kitchy things people put out to get you to stop and take photos.  I especially like giant things, and well, first I saw this fish.

A very large fish in the Florida Keys

I think this might have been attached to a restaurant.  I did not pay any attention to what this thing was advertising which kind of defeated the point.


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