My Mom Cannot Sleep

This is when I saw my mousie in the cookie jar

This is me checking my green toy mousie inside the cookie jar

My Mom had trouble sleeping last night.  At 5:30 AM I brought her a mouse I had found under the sofa. She was so pleased with me, she had to give me a big tummy rub.  She loved the mouse so much she put it in my secret cookie jar.  I checked it several times.  The mouse seemed happy in the cookie jar.  I had to check him about 7 times to be sure he was OK.  I jumped back and forth from Mom’s pillow to the cookie jar above the bedroom TV in joy.  By then it was 6 AM.  Mom wanted to get up then to go downstairs and check to see if I had enough food in my dish and if my litter box was daisy fresh.   Mom left early, at about 8:30 AM  just when I was getting sleepy in the morning sun.  I slept all day in the sun dreaming of more mice.  Maybe tonight Mom and I can play mice together.  Sometimes Mom seems to get sleepy at night.  I know that she loves it when I sit on her head on her pillow and purr very loudly.  Here are some pictures.

Picture of me, Nessie, Mom loves me best


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